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Our Infographic

Our Infographic

Learn all you can and more by taking advantage of our fun little infographic on this page.

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Garage Door Company

Garage Door Company

Friends and neighbors, if you are in need of a garage door service provider, you only want the best this is it. Of course you want to look around to locate who’s the best, but all you’re looking for will lead you right to this garage door service.

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Garage Door Repair

Garage Door Repair

One of the main functions of a company is to provide garage door repair.  Our company  understands this and it is for that reason we place so much focus on our garage door repair service.  We start off by always offering same day service to our customers.

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Garage Door Openers

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Our company here in Downers Grove is committed to excellence.

Garage Door OpenersWe have been a part of this community for a long time, and have always strived to offer our community the very best in garage door services. Our technicians have always been devoted to performing the very best in their line of work, whether it is the repairing or installation of all things garage door related.  The one area that we specialize in more then any other; are openers. Garage door openers are very special pieces of equipment that make the opening and closing of your garage door effortless. On top of that, we offer 24 hour emergency service for all of our customers as well as strive to provide same day service whenever possible. That's part of our commitment to our community, which we are proud to serve.

Our staff at our company knows how important your garage door opener is to you and your family. Without it, your garage door would be stuck either open or closed, and either case would cause problems one way or another. When your garage door opener fails to work properly, it can cause many problems to arise. We know how serious this can be, and as such are here to offer an affordable service for you to rely on. When our customers call and ask for help, we rush our technicians over right away to address their needs. They know what to look for when troubleshooting and when they find the problem, they always know what to offer up as a solution next. Our technicians always carry the latest name brands wherever they go in the event that a new garage door opener is needed. Listed below are the brands our technicians carry:

         * Sears opener 

         * Marantec opener 

         * Liftmaster opener

         * Chamberlain opener

         * Genie opener

         * Craftsman opener 

These brands are trusted by many families and in many cases are known as household brands. We believe in dealing only those brands that are trusted by the customers we serve. Garage door openers come in different types for different kinds of operation. These types are separated by cost and effectiveness, so choosing one that's right for you is important.

Chain Drive openers are the most favored type of opener, as they operate much less noisier then other types of garage door openers. These are good for those who don't like loud noises and don't mind paying a little more.

Belt drive openers utilize a belt to open and close your garage door. These are budget conscious because they cost less money then chain drive openers, but on the flip side they can be quite noisy. It all comes down to customer preference in the end.

Choosing the best type of garage door opener for you generally comes down to preference and budget, although sometimes it is pure chance. Our company in Downers Grove, IL can do it all for you: Repair, replacement, and installation of new and used door openers. We strive to provide same day service and do our very best to serve our customers with only the best in door service.

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