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Our Infographic

Our Infographic

Learn all you can and more by taking advantage of our fun little infographic on this page.

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Garage Door Company

Garage Door Company

Friends and neighbors, if you are in need of a garage door service provider, you only want the best this is it. Of course you want to look around to locate who’s the best, but all you’re looking for will lead you right to this garage door service.

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Garage Door Repair

Garage Door Repair

One of the main functions of a company is to provide garage door repair.  Our company  understands this and it is for that reason we place so much focus on our garage door repair service.  We start off by always offering same day service to our customers.

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If you want to get practical information about automatic garage doors and their components, take advantage of this FAQ page. Use what you learn to achieve better performance and keep it running the longer term.

Having trouble with the spring or opener?  Take advantage of this FAQ page and see if you can use it to find an answer to your problem. If you have any more questions or you need to call a professional, contact us at Garage Door Repair Downers Grove. Our experienced technicians work with all types of doors, hardware parts and electric operators. Our company is also available to install, maintain and replace door systems as well.

Helpful FAQ to All Garage Door Users

Why has my garage door started working slowly all of a sudden?

If the opener is straining to lift the door, this is most certainly due to a broken spring. You simply need to inspect the component to confirm this. If you have a broken extension or torsion spring, you must stop running the opener immediately. You should refrain from lifting the door manually as well. Get the spring replaced as soon as possible.

Is it normal for the garage door rail to be bowed a bit?

No, this is not normal. The rail must be perfectly straight. The slight bowing usually occurs when the closing travel limit is incorrectly set and the door goes to a lower level than necessary. The limit has to be readjusted. If necessary, the rail should be repaired as well.

What is the best solution for rusty panels?

The panels require cleaning with a safe yet potent rust remover. You should avoid using tools that scratch the metal. Steel wool is suitable only for the removal of very thick accumulations of rust. If there is dirt on the panels, you should wash them with a solution of hydrogen peroxide or household detergent. The final step involves applying protective paint.

Are nylon rollers better than the metal ones?

The so called nylon rollers actually have steel construction. Only their wheels are made from nylon. This makes them quieter and this way there is no need for lubrication. The only drawback of these components is that they are usually not as durable as their all-metal counterparts.

Why is my garage door not closing fully?

This is most certainly due to an issue with one or both tracks. Inspect them carefully for obstructions. If there is pebble or dirt, open the door fully and disconnect the opener before you remove it. Remember to use a tool that doesn't scratch the metal. If the track is bent, it has to be repaired right away.

Is the brand of the opener important?

There are several benefits to buying a new opener from a brand with solid reputation like LiftMaster, Craftsman or Genie. You can expect to get a device of good quality which comes with a comprehensive warranty. You should be able to receive plenty of support as well. Even if something goes wrong, it will not be difficult to find spare parts.

How do I disengage the roller from the track?

Move the hinge outwards. Remember that our experts  recommend reversing this procedure when you want to install the new roller. Always take the old hinge so that you can get the right size particularly with a wide selection.

How do I find the correct hole to slide the roller into?

In reality most holes will work as long as you make other adjustments elsewhere. The tendency is to tap the bolts back from the outside. This allows easier tightening when accessing nuts.

Why should I use steel garage doors?

Our experts find that with steel you get a very broad range of colors to choose from. Therefore you save money on addition painting. Of course these types of doors are known for their excellent insulation and they offer great value for money.  Select between the entry, single layer and multiple layers.

Why should I replace my old garage door system?

You must replace your old door with a new one to improve the appearance of your home, reduce maintenance time, lessen heating and cooling costs, protect stored items from the elements, secure access to your home and prevent the risk of injuries. Seek advice from our experts in Downers Grove for the replacement of your old garage door system.

In which case do we need more springs?

Most garage doors will either need one pair of extension garage door springs or one torsion spring. You will need additional springs if the door is extremely heavy but it is sometimes recommended as an alternative solution in case the original torsion spring breaks.

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